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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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he thought were al-qaeda agents. undercover agents started workingwith ferdaus in march. the suspect flew here to d.c. in may to do surveillance and take pictures. the suspect wanted to launch three remote controlled aircraft loaded with explosives from east potomac with two hitting the pentagon and one hitting the capitol. ferdaus was arrested today after the fbi supplied assault rifles and other items that he wanted. the undercover agents said he gave them the devices to be sent over seas to target american soldiers. the agents claimed when they later died and told ferdaus that the device did work, did kill u.s. soldiers, he was overjoyed. we are saying on top of the story. >> of course, we'll have much more on that on fox 5 news at 10:00. turning to the aftermath in
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the east coast earthquake. the first step of assessing the washington monument is underway today. teams of engineers are inspecting every single inch of the monument. john hanrahan with more of the pain saking process. >> photographing, inspecting, documenting. something has changed here. after a lengthy breaks, one of the expert climbers came back out. he was at the very top moments ago, i believe, checking the anchor lines again. i would not be surprised if the team comes out again. yesterday, they all god chased away by thunderstorms. today, the weather cooperate. actual inspection began. at once pipe, four people were -- at one time, four people were dangling from the rope. we found many tourists taking pictures of the washington
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monument. they spotted a figure on the top of the monument. they figured it was a stunt of some sort. >> it was a tourist or something. maybe trial to scale the top or jump off with a pair chute or something. >> reporter: no, no base jumping. after a had he tick laws check of the anchor line looped around the top, four engineers and/orarchitects observed from the on -- emerged from the observer stations windows and stone by stone inspected the monument. visitors to the mall were trans fixed. >> i think it's awesome. makes my stomach ride up. >> each engineer or architect has a soft hammer or amalett to
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tap on the stone and they have video cameras to record them. this crew stayed away from reporters but one of them did talk to park employees. >> he says he is not crazy. he likes what he does. he had a good time up there. it's busy, a lot of work, takes focus and that's what he was doing. >> and he is getting the view, again today. in fact, i think we now have two personnel at the top of the monument. they can go out the observation windows on the other side and we can't watch, of course, all four sides of the monument at the same time there were four of them out there sigh must tampa bay justly at one point. apparently, they are out again trying to get some stones in. i think. i think they mostly inspected the very pyramid top of the monument. there's 20 times the stones still to go, laura. >> i guess they started late because of the thunderstorms that rolled through. any other disruptions
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throughout the day, john? >> reporter: no, takes them a long time to get this process underway. for example, we were told by national park service representatives that it takes one hour to check their gear before they even start the process. this is going to take days is my best guess. i think it's going to be months before they really know what shape the monument is. >> you know, whatever they need to stay safe, you know. i think that's probably the best thing that they can do right now is take it slow and stay safe. john hanrahan, thank you. the latest now in the murder trial of a local grandmother accused of throwing her it grand daughter off the walkway. prosecutors concluded their case. they claim that she killed her granddaughter because high
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hated her son-in-law. defense attorneys say that she is mentally ill. and officers worked overtime but they are only paying two. >> the f. o. p. has won two decision business an arbitrator and mediator allowing back overtime for officers working all hands on deck. there were eight of them but only two will be paid. that's a decision that the mayor says he supports. >>there is a lot of legal language being tossed around but the bottom line is this. the police union says that chief kathy lanier violated the bargaining agreement when she scheduled all hands on deck. but an arbitrator and mediator said that she was wrong, the city backed down, saying that
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she would pay overtime. >> it was a question of working through and making sure that there was a compelling case. i think we decide that had we want to see, you know, the officers paid. we want to put this behind us. this is a very unique situation for the chief authorities to be able to mobilize all hand on deck had lapsed. >> the mayor says statey believes that it only violated the contract during two weekends when the she have did not have the legal authority from then mayor fenty to manipulate the officers' schedules. but an arbitrator ruled that the chief was wrong in all weekends writing. a ruling upheld this supper by a mediator with the public employees relations board. >> the department can say what it needs to to the public right
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now but the truth of the matter is that what they were doing is unlawful and it's going to cost taxpayers a lot of money. >> reporter: a spokesman for the police department says that the department has begun the process of implementing the be a traitors' awards, identifying those who worked outside their tour of duty toes 2009 event. the city not only owes the officer for 2009 but every weekend on all hands on deck held since 2007. he says that the union has won every step of the way and will continue to win costing the taxpayers millions of dollars. chris bauman says that he is using the department's own numbers when it said it would cost up to $2.8 million. he says he will use the court to force city to pay. in an e-mail, chief lanier says that the overtime payments that the department has agreed to make will cost the city less than a million dollars. >> i don't think we've heard
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the end of this one just yet. paul wagner, thank you. >> no. is the district prepared in the event of a major national disaster. d.c. home land agency held a drill. it included several groups, the tourism board, the red cross, even the tourism association. now to the race for the white house. new jersey governor chris christie has said several times he will not run for president in 20 but comments he made last night has some wondering if he is reconsidering. governor christie spoke last night at the ronald reagan library. during a q and a answer, a couple of supporters told christie he needs to run but there were no clear answers from the governor. >> i hear what you are saying and i feel the passion with which you say it and it ups me.
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my answer to you is just this. i thank you for what you are saying and i take it in and i'm listening to every word of it and feeling it, too. >> reporter: feeling it enough to run? christie's brother says no but that is not doing much to squash the speculation that it still could happen. of course, only time will tell. we'll be watching. president obama went to a d.c. public high school to deliver his back to school speech to the nation's students. this year, he was at benjamin benaker high school in the northwest. the president brought not just the speech but a challenge. >> reporter: while students cheered the benjamin benaker high school, it was the president who came as cheer lead another chief. >> i want all of you to set a goal to continue your education. >> the president says that the nation's falling college graduation rate must continue. >> our country used to have the
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highest number of people graduating from college. we are now 16th. i don't like 16. >> reporter: the president encouraged students to seek more college. >> the fact of the matter is that most of the jobs will require more than a high school diploma. >> reporter: but perhaps what was most surprising is what he disliked the most. ethics i did not like. but my favorite was basketball. >> reporter: the white house chose this location carefully. while the high school is part of the d.c. school system, the 380 some odd students here have to apply to get in, pass a written text and local exam and
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come on with recommendations. the principal anita burger says that the school's academic calendar helped the president's calendar. >> the white house is noticing that we are doing great things here for children. >> reporter: students say they'll take up the president's challenge >> we try to adjust in this learning environment as much as we can. that's something that every young generation has. >> i'm proud to say that the president came to my school. it is a once in lifetime work. >> let's get to work. thank you, everybody. developing right now, michael jackson's physician's on trial. and the competition and super ipad just hit the market.
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what is all the buzz about? we'll take a look at the tech toys coming up next. we've had some showers. we've had some thunderstorms today. a little bit of a lull right now. radar will show you, watching down to the south. this is all moving towards spot sylvain ya county. a few more will be popping up this evening. and, oh, yeah, big weekend cooldown. fox 5 news at 5:00 will continue. stay with us. 
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in court today, the man accused in the shooting spree that wounded congresswoman gabriel giffords and left several others injured or killed, j. c. hayward loughner appeared in a courtroom to determine whether he is competent to stand trial. he is currently held in a missouri jail where he is in a mental hospital. and dr. conrad murray's trial is underway. at issue is what kind of relationship he played with michael jackson and what part may or may not have played a role. >> reporter: it was all business. that's the picture that prosecutors are trying to paint of conrad murray with michael
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jackson, more employee- employer, rather than doctor and patient. murray asked to be paid five million dollar. >> it is quite unusual. >> how so? too high or too low. >> oh, way too high. >> the argument the doctor was not dog his job and was grossly negligent. the defense saying that jackson's health was dr. murray's top concern. >> he wanted to do what was best for michael jackson? >> that's my impression, yes. >> reporter: the lawyer who negotiated the considered told us about the reaction she had and her attempt to get a hold of the medical records for insurance reasons. one day before dead, dr. murray said that he was doing well. >> dr. murray told me repeatedly that michael jackson was doing fine. >> reporter: he requested a cpr
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man in london. >> i asked, wouldn't there be such a machine available to you at the 02 arena? he said he would not want to take a chance that that machine might not be available to him in the event of an emergency. >> reporter: as the prosecution continued to lay out its case on day 2, also in the stand was michael jackson's former assistant who testified that dr. murray never told him to call 911 on the day that the king of pop died. in los angeles, adam housley, fox five news. there is a new app to help smart phone users follow this trial. it's called the michael jackson doctor trial. the app will stream live video from the courtroom and provide expert analysis and commentary. for more information on the app and continuing coverage of the trial, go to in case you have not heard, amazon is hoping to take a bite out of apple with its brand new
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tablet. the kindle fire was introduced today, going on sale for just $200. it is half the size of the ipad and runs a version of the google android software. mark kellner, columnist at the work ton times is here to help us break down all of the gadgets. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> let's starts with the fire. it's half the size of the ipad. is this going to give the ipad a run for its money? >> yes and no. it's going to help people who want a tablet but don't want to spend the 500-dollar. we can't say that it do anything that the ipad does. there is no camera, no microphone, no telephone types. no 3g which means that if you are not connected to wi-fi, you are not connected. that would be a draw back,
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especially for people in business. let's talk about some of the disadvantages to this kindle fire. what are some of the advantages to this? >> being smaller than the ipad, it's easier to work with, carry. not more portable but more flexible. the price is an advantage for certain group of customers and may be easier to use in some respect may be easier for folks who are not interested in learning a whole new system. >> you can download movies, music and you have amazon's huge library of things that you can choose with this new e reader. >> i can get the book and movies and music by the car load on ipad. yesterday, i mail, web processor. i have all the things that i need on the road.
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maybe the ipad is for business people and maybe this new kindle fire is maybe for kids or, you know, what do you think? >> it might be for kid, for leisure travelers who want to read a book. on the plane, i read a book from europe. someone was reading a book from kindle a couple of seeds over. that's great. >> and apple is introducing its i 5 phone next wednesday. >> what are you hearing about this? >> slightly bigger screen perhaps, better processor, eight mega processor cameras. those are the big highlights with it. we are hearing rumor there is may be voice activation with it. what are you hearing? >> an ex-tanks of the voice activation command certainly is possible and with all the laws coming into place with don't touch your phone while you are driving, the more voice commands, the better. >> indeed, last question here. what new tech gadget or what
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electronic toys should we look for for this christmas? >> well, the new kindle fire and the ipad. and if they drop the price on the iphone 54, that would be a great stocking stuffer. >> if you want to get me a gift, i'll take the ipad. we'll be right back. 
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that sun came out today and, boy, it was hot. >> it was nice. >> for a minute. >> yeah. >> for the pleading minute. it was out. it sure was night. >> oh, that's what you look like? >> exactly. >> and then the clouds came over for a moment. oh, my goodness, it's cool again. >> what is its going to be like? what are conditions like right now outside? >> funny you should ask. through the miracle of the television and the internet. look at that.
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we have seen it all. you can see the blue skies. this is the top of the washington monument. you have three climbers out there right now rappeling from -- they are not rappeling but going around looking for cracks. i can't control the shot but if we were to pull that back f we could pull that shot back, you would see some blue sky and sunshine poking through. temperature right there is 79 degrees. that's just crazy. we do have some showers, perhaps a thunderstorm. this is way down, just down in luisa county, western edge, southwestern edge of spotsylvania county and just up from that is fredericksburg, too. you will be able to see fredericksburg pop up, too. the little line of showers, perhaps a thunderstorm. i have yet to see any lightning down there but there is lightning and a storm not too
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far away. there may be some rain coming up on that. it's getting a little bit stronger there shower or a thunderstorm around 7:00. lingering showers at 9:00. big changes coming our way in the forecast. but we get some good stuff, too. don't think it's all going to be bad. we'll have that complete forecast coming up in just a little while. >> thanks, gary >> a local landmark could soon be closing its doors for good. >> we'll be live what's next for the famous u street corridor lincoln theater. and first, can taaloupe will listeria. now we have another recall. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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a washington institution is on the verge of closing
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tonight. the historic lincoln theater on u street his a financial crisis according to one of its board members who is appealing to the d.c. government to continue funding the landmark theater. fox 5's bob barnes has more. >> reporter: the board is meeting in an emergency session right now, starting at 5:00. they must come with a million dollar to keep the historic theater open. it dates back to 1922 which was then a ballroom. it was the center piece of what was considered as the black broadway. it hosted the likes of duke ellington and cab callaway. it was reopened, owned by the d.c. government which in the past 20 years has contributed money to keep it open.
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but that funding was cut. d.c. council member graham says that this theater is still relevant today. >> the fact of the matter is that this belongs to the people of d.c there is a very important institution. i think we have to keep it functioning for culture, for history, for community. all of those things come together to say, keep the lincoln going. >> reporter: council member graham again, a member of the board of directors says that the city has now seen an $89 million surplus in its current budget and, laura, he is asking mayor gray and the d.c. council to find the money to keep this theater open. >> all right. so where are they going to get money? are they looking for private donations here, bob or finding big money benefactor? >> reporter: i asked jim graham that. how about donating private donations? he says that's not necessary. receipts from the current events held at the theater will
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be sufficient if the city will kick in the half million dollars but he is not sure statey will do. several important recalls. first, an update on the listeria contamination found in cantaloupe. it is now the deadliest foot out break here in the u.s. 16 people have died from possible contamination including one in maryland. three more deaths may be linked. health officials do not believe that the cantaloupe from jansen farms in colorado were sold in virginia, maryland or the district. the u.s. agriculture department says that a family in ohio got sick after eating some meat. the recalled meat was distributed to kroger, food lyon, save a lot, shopper's food and the defense commissary agency. nearly 2 million little tykes workshop are being
5:33 pm
recalled because they could pose a young choking hazard. little kids can choke on the oversized nails. for mow details, go to the recent survey of d.c. school students shows an alarming number of children have already attempted suicide by the 8th grade. the survey done on middle school students in d.c. finds 10% of the school system's 4000 eighth graders have tried to kill themselves, 10%. joining me now is psychology dana grasso on these frightening statistics. thanks for joining me. first, what's your reaction to this? >> it's difficult but i first have to sit and acknowledge what d.c. schools is doing and it's very important to take the time to survey and ask kids because, without that, this is something that could go unknown
5:34 pm
and unrecognized. it's hard to hear but i do know that it's a fact that suicide is the leading cause of death for teens, as hard as it is to get your head around. >> is it possible that these students didn't try to take their lives but feel like it's something that they want to do, especially when they see the attention that other students who do this, who go through with it get, the attention? >> i have not reviewed the survey itself. it's a little bit hard to tell but it's troubling to think -- but it's realistic to think that that many students at that age might have thought of wanting to end their lives or just feeling the stress to the point that it's even a passing thought that they might not go on anymore or not. whether they have an actual plan or whether just contemplating or really struggling, those are things that needed to be attended to. >> absolutely. >> we should mention that the c.d.c. questions the survey itself saying that the 2009 study didn't actually meet the minimum sampling requirements and they say that some groups in the student population were
5:35 pm
not properly represented in the survey. but what do you think in your opinion is behind the despair that it clearly is present with some of these students? >> well, i mean we do know a few things. that is psychiatric illness and substance abuse are behind suicidal behavior. when you add to that the typical stressors that high schoolers and middle schoolers face, just by the nature of being an adolescent. that's another thing. and then the fact that it's difficult to discuss like violence in the community and in the homes and schools, all kinds of other factors like emotional, sexual and physical abuse. you know, losses. like whether a death or through incarceration or separation of family. those are all really critical things that can trigger such hopelessness and despair. >> and the self-reporting of attempted suicide by d.c. students is consistently double
5:36 pm
the national average. that's pretty alarming. >> it's very alarming. you know, the one positive thing that there are people out there and resources to help and intervene before a suicide attempt is made or then, you know, the worst case scenario is completed. >> it's important to see if the c.d.c. takes note of this survey. it's important for us aren't kids need to be paid attention to and need to be heard he is one of the country's most renowned architect. these day, franklin loyd wright's homes are far affordable. where to sign the dotted line for less than 200,000 grand that would be pretty nice. next. it's the place that you go to dump trash. but what someone dumped here was not trash at all. the shocking discovery, coming up. 
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the owner of a small airport is suing the secret service for about $700,000. he gave permission for landing at this airport. but he said that the secret service security vehicles damaged the runway. he tried to settle out of court but the secret service said that they did not cause the problems. and a man was arrested. he may have robbed at least eight homes in the last six months. and take a look at this home designed by legendary architect frank loyd wright and you will never guess the asking
5:41 pm
price, less than $200,000. wright built houses and low income families a place toly. he said it himself he reduced cost by minimizing the time that skilled craftsmen had to work on the job. finally, a break in the weather pattern. >> it's very nice. it was wonderful. the question is how will we finish off the workweek. gary's full forecast just ahead. >> ahead, are bar patrons to drunk to be ser informed a new campaign is about to roll out. up on hot topics, coming up next. of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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tiny furry creatures just days old. you would never expect to find them in a place like that but apparently someone considered
5:45 pm
them garbage. when the word got out, anger quickly sprd across one virginia community. >> i was walking right here. >> that's when mike watts heard the sound. >> i heard something crying and i thought that was kittens. >> reporter: big mike as they call him at the landfill knew that was not trash. >> don't throw that in there. there is kid ens or something. >> there among far badge, a black plastic bag pull of puppies, so tiny their eyes are not open yet. the umbilical cord -- >> still on them. whoever dumped the puppies there had filled the trash bag with water. >> what kind of person do you think does that? >> that ain't no animal lover. >> five of the puppies already drowned. you might could have been a baby. >> that spread fast at the king
5:46 pm
george county landfill. >> there are 40 guys here. when word god through, everybody tried to figure out who did it because we were very annoyed by this >> it's just something that seemed inhuman for us. for guys that work like this all the time, for them to get touched, it was moving, actually. >> reporter: big mike says that a lot of people come and here at the landfill and he didn't notice anything unusual but authorities are investigating trying to figure out who may have left the puppies here. an employee tracked down someone who owned a pregnant dog, that yellow lab named natasha is now nursing the puppies that survived, three out of the four that survived. do you feel like a hero dog this. >> no. >> reporter: this is the biggest discovery he pawed at the landfill, probably the cutest. >> thank goodness, the little goi guys are okay.
5:47 pm
>> and the woman who helped rescue them said they may be hound or something. but because they are so tiny, it may be weeks before they can be adopted. >> big mike is a man. thank you, big mike. it was fleeting sunshine today. >> we'll see a little bit tomorrow. friday looks gorgeous. >> is that sun out there right now? look at that. it's hard to tell but brooks like blue sky. >> i'm not looking at the skies but the guy. >> should we call somebody and tell them that they are climbing on the monument. >> ah hah hah. >> i probably would do something like that. i'm not afraid of heights. you have seen it all now. it looks so weird now. imagine how they feel up there. >> yeah, right, looking down on us, tiny baby ants. it's almost as if they are getting away with something there.
5:48 pm
>> if they get any set of tning f they hear any thunder, they're going to come right down off the monument. can, they are inspecting it for cracks and damage done during the earthquake. this goes back to the last six hours. we had some showers moving through. right now, you look down to the south. there are some thunderstorms brewing down there and they are ever so slowly working up i-95, down around spotsylvania, spotsylvania county. we are getting some indication of lightning downing here. here is hartwood, brett fredericksburg. if it hold together, fredericksburg, maybe some of the american communities there will get a little bit of this. no doubt you are hearing this because we have some indication there is lightning in these. as we get into a little bits of a loop here, you can see what direction they are moving n kind of north and northeast, but, again, they could david
5:49 pm
across fredericksburg and there is more down to the south, too. there is one of the lightning indicators, right, there we got a bolt from that. here is looking at the three dimension. looks like a little bit of air here in the processor here. this red should go all the way up and connect and i've been watching that for the last several minutes. that up draft, the storm is starting to get into the atmosphere here. we have, again, more down to the south and southwest. they have been holding together this evening. it will come on across. we say shower or thunderstorm possible at 7:00, not for everybody. not everybody gets wet. spotty showers or thunderstorms at 9:00, down to 70 degrees and still keeping a spotty shower and even at 11:00. you know the drill. this evening, keep your
5:50 pm
umbrellas handy much as you have the last severaldays. quantico at 70 degrees. we are still watching to the north because we are beginning to see some of the schooler air come on down. 59 right now in chicago. 57 for cincinnati. 66 for buffalo. still heed through the central plains. dallas right now, it's coming in at 95 degrees. but this is the beginning of the cooldown that's going to be coming our way. the front comes through tomorrow. at least front number one and we're going to have about three boundaries of air coming in. mostly cloudy, cloudy on saturday, temperatures of only 60 degrees. some places on saturday, especially north and west of the metro area, will be only in the 50s for highs and i think there is a chance for saturday
5:51 pm
for a spotty shower, nothing too bad. on sunday, we think it's still going to be cool, 61 degrees for a high and there will be some clouds on sunday, not completely sunny but hopefully by sunday afternoon and sunday evening, we'll have much more sunshine. showers or thunderstorms overnight tonight. lows in the sixties in the suburb. spotty in town here. 67. showers and storms by tomorrow afternoon, most of the storms will be off to the east of us with some sunshine and temperatures back into the upper 70s. friday looks beautiful. 75 and sunny, okay? and then we get into the weekend and the temperatures just crash with the coldest air of the season. we'll see some snow in the higher elevations above 3000 feed 3000 feet out -- 3000 feet up in the mountains in the west. >> all we need to talk about is the snow. that's what everybody buzzing.
5:52 pm
>> shocking news. i can't go on. >> sarah frazier, talking about what is buzzing in our area right now. all things trending, yes. this is hilarious. in montgomery county, drunk actors will go to bars. why are we reporting? >> this is a warning for restaurant owners and bartenders. 40 actor also be going into restaurants, going to be acting as though they are drunk to see if they can still be served or to see if the restaurant or bar shuts it down. >> who is behind this? >> it's part of montgomery county bar and alcohol. the actors are going to be in there. if you see someone really, really wasted, ask them, are you an actor or for real?
5:53 pm
>> the fast foot out of control creation that will make us all huge. >> food mons to at this as they call them. >> they put a list with men's health for the worst things that you can possibly order when you are out. this is the monster thick burger which has 1306 calories and 95 whopping grams of fat. >> 95. i mean, isn't that what you are supposed to have over three days? >> exactly. fried cheese -- >> i have to confess, i've had this. >> you have? >> i have. i actually had that. i did not finish it but i will tell you it was almost worth the 1000 -- i think it's like 1900 calories. >> have you had the mac and cheese bread bowl? >> i have not. this came in at over 2000 calories. >> you are joking. can you imagine? that's what we are supposed to consume over an entire day. >> let's talk about the oversharing on facebook which my husband is super guilty of.
5:54 pm
>> does he shower you with facebook twitter message of, it's our anniversary, i love you so much? >> uh-huh, happy anniversary to the woman i loved and married. >> you are so lucky because women are saying more than they want a dinner out, more than dinner roses, more than that louis vutton hand bag, they want their man to post that. >> there is somebody out there saying, stop the oversharing. >> the think they wante it to stop. it's like a public display of affection. >> it's kind of like that. >> you love this? you are in the trend. >> i guess you can turn away. >> yeah, i guess. >> he is sweet. >> x factor on video on demand? >> yes, x factor is hitting the vod which is the first time it's doing this. three days after, you can go and watch it there if you
5:55 pm
subscribe to on demand which is luge. they have never done that before for a singing competition. >> that's fun. >> yes. >> and x factor tonight. >> and you will be chatting through it. yes. >> thinks the final two nights of audition round before they head into boot camp next week. the show is moving fast. >> let's see the timeline here, 8:00 tonight when x factor is on our air here on fox 5. tune into the next installment and as you heard, she will be chatting about that. >> let's go to brian beaumonter. >> laura, i have not set en alettered for your facebook's husband updates but after, that i am setting an alert. i hope i get a text message every time >> i just wait for your response. >> i can't wait. this is going to be exciting. >> thank you, ladies. in the meantime, we have the latest on the local terror plot. you heard about this one? two mine another government buildings targeted in a bomb
5:56 pm
scare. we have a live report from the suspect's hometown. and attorneys for michael jacksons say that it was all a mistake but there was interesting testimony from the star's assistant. a live testimony from los angeles still ahead. 
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5:59 pm
breaking into our news rooming, the capitol in the cross hairs of a plot. adam has more. >> according to the u.s. attorney's office, the suspect wanted not only to


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